Wir sind vom Beijing Association for Science and Technology BAST eingeladen worden, Beiträge für ein wissenschaftliches Filmfestival vom 9.-13.4.2020 in Peking einzureichen.

Guided by Beijing Association for Science and Technology and organized by Beijing Youth Science and Technology Center and Beijing Association for Youth Science Education, the 2nd Beijing International Adolescents Science Film Festival is scheduled to be held in Beijing in the middle of April 9-13, 2020. It aims to share the wonderful world of science and technology through film and video, showcase students’ creativity with the combination of science, technology and arts and improve science literacy. As a part of Beijing International Film Festival, this event has received wide attention since its launch.

Herein, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are honored to invite your organization to organize students to submit works. The students may be from primary school or secondary school. Projects can be individual or group work. For each group project, two members are the maximum. Participants may submit more than one work. There are three categories: science documentary (no more than 8 minutes), micro film (no more than 8 minutes) and animation (no more than 4 minutes).

Outstanding works will be selected base upon quality, scientific and artistic values. Selected students will be invited to attend the festival and visit Beijing International Film Festival. Each delegation to Beijing consists of the selected students and one adult in charge. The cost of meals, accommodation and local transportation of the delegation  during the festival will be covered the organizer. The travel costs to and from Beijing are the responsibility of each delegation.

Zumindest für den chinesischen Jugend-forscht-Wettbewerb formieren sich unsere Teams. Videos müssen sie dafür auch produzieren.